The following instructions cover typical usage of WS_FTP and assume the software has been installed correctly on your system.

The instructions are only for individuals with a direct Internet connection, via modem or network. If you are behind a firewall or proxy server, the information below may not work. Consult your network administrator for more information.

Connecting to Your Web Site

  1. Start WS_FTP.
    The session properties window will display. (See Figure 1)
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Profile Name - A friendly method of identifying the connection. Once you create the profile, it will be available from the drop down list for future use.
    • Host Address - Your FTP domain name*, for example:
    • User ID - Your administrator user name.
    • Password - Your administrator password.
  3. Check the Save Pwd box to save your password (optional).
  4. Click OK to save the configuration and log in to the account.

Uploading Files to Your Web Site

  1. Log in.
    The WS_FTP main window, which is used to transfer files to and from your Web site, will display. (See Figure 2)
    • The left frame is your local files.
    • The right frame is your Web server files.
  2. The default server location is your personal space, if you are uploading to your domain name root you must be in the /web directory.
  3. Set the correct transfer mode at the top. All Web page files must be uploaded in ASCII, while all programs must be uploaded in Binary.
  4. Locate the files and/or directories.
  5. Select the files and/or directories.
  6. Click the --> to upload.

There are many more options available in WS_FTP. See the software's documentation for more information about advanced options.

* If your domain name hasn't processed, you may need to use your IP address, for example, in the place of your domain name.