Your web site should be considered a division of your business and should be held accountable for results. Creative Link Partners, Inc. designs and hosts your site utilizing creativity and technology that enables your site to provide:

  • Data on individual customers and analysis of shopping trends
  • Meaningful information on individuals, such as:
    • Names and contact information
    • Shopping preferences
    • Tracking of which customers become repeat buyers and how much they spend
  • Analysis of the following shopping trends:
    • The number of visits that convert to sales
    • The average revenue per sale
    • Whether sales are increasing or decreasing
    • Information on cyclical sales
    • Which products sell best - and worst
    • Information about the sites your customers are coming from as they enter your site.
  • Analysis of about how well the following advertising means are working:
    • Banners
    • Reciprocal links
    • Search engine
    • Page use

These are just the basic features of our web control panel statistical programs. We will teach you how to optimize the statistics to provide the most benefit to you and your business.