Shopping cart software comes in many forms. We use software that maximizes the benefits for our clients yet provides an enjoyable, enriching experience for customers. Features include:

  • No limit to number of items you want to sell
  • Completely self-updatable - changes photos and texts as desired
  • Tracking of products and prices
  • Automatic calculation of shipping, tax, and total
  • Multiple payment options - five payment options are available, providing flexibility for both customers and merchants
  • Thumb-nail images of products (small images that click into large images)
  • Built-in search engine to allow customers to quickly find what they want
  • Custom calculations at the last second, i.e., if a price is determined by the length of a certain item, price is calculated according to how many inches your customer chooses
  • Volume discount ordering- prices do down as your customer order larger quantities or higher dollar volumes
  • Coupons or gift certificate discount feature - excellent for promotional or mail campaign
  • Printable or e-mail customer receipts
  • Sales tax calculation for one or more states or no tax on nontaxable items
  • Shipping calculations to as many countries, locations, or speeds as needed
  • Specific methods to calculate shipping - weight, flat fee, customized, etc.
  • Any language or currency available
  • Options for identifying your customers
  • Compatibility with all web browers

We offer clients total turn-key solutions to E-Commerce including:

  • Merchant accounts

This account allows businesses to accept credit card payments over the Internet.

    Payment processing

    This account is established in conjunction with a merchant account. The two primary methods of accepting payment over the Internet are:

    1. Non-automated: The customer submits orders to merchant via an e-mail or form providing basic credit card and customer information. The billing process is manual and requires back office resources to manually key and process the orders.
    2. Real-time online payments: The customer submits order and payment information to merchant via a secured connection. Payment information is forwarded to an on-line, real-time payment processor, who submits payments from the merchant web site to the major processing networks. This process eliminates most of the back office functions.
  • Shopping cart

This is essentially a catalog or database of a company's products and services. Shopping carts contain product names, item numbers, prices, production variations, product accessories and options. When customers browse the web site, the shopping cart allows them to shop for multiple products and check out when they have finished shopping.

  • Security

We use the following methods to provide protection for conducting transactions online: firewalls, encryption, virtual private networks, and intruder detection systems.