Most visitors to the Web find information through search engines and directories. About 85% of these searches are conducted with the ten or so major search services: Excite, Alta Vista, Yahoo!, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler, HotBot, and others. The volume of sites has grown so fantastically and the competition to rank well in a search is so fierce, submission alone is no longer good enough. The single most important key to on-line marketing success is having high search engine visibility. If you aren't found in the top-30 search engine listings, you're missing a large percentage of your potential customers.

At Creative Link Partners, Inc. we have a unique, successful approach to search engine rankings. We have made considerable investments in getting to know the different search engines and how and what each engine is looking for in search services. Based on keyword phrases that you supply, we create pages, using keyword phrases as entrances to your site. These pages are individually optimized for ranking high with each search engine. When buyers search for a keyword phrase you've provided, a link to your web site appears on the search engine's results list and people click through to visit your web site.

We're accountable to our clients for our performance-our guarantee is simple, you pay only for results. Reports will be provided to you showing the status of all pages on all search engines and status of the account. You will have the hard numbers to evaluate your return on your investment and will be able to determine how successful the search engines are for you. We don't even charge extra when we exceed the number of top rankings you request. Contact us now to get started on finding a large percentage of your potential customers.