Businesses are saving money in record numbers by moving traditional buying and selling activities to the web. The web is faster, more convenient, and more efficient. A successful move requires strategic planning. A company must consider all its resources, then decide how to use them to maximize the investment. We work with our clients from the initial planning stages, which involve assessing:

  • What is your business?
  • How do you want to do business?
  • How can an Internet presence be an asset to your company?
  • What are your marketing strategies and needs?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What are your expectations of the web site?
  • What are your goals for doing business on the Internet?
  • What are your company's technological and personnel capabilities for executing and managing the Internet presence?
  • What is your financial commitment for developing, maintaining and boosting the Internet presence?

Additional areas which we assess include:

  • The architecture of your web site - what, how, and where information will appear
  • Function of the site - determine whether products, service, or information is offered and how interaction with customers and vendors will occur
  • Launch & marketing - reliability and consistency
  • Ongoing management - updating and evolution of the site

A well thought out plan, along with the strategic implementation of that plan, is paramount to the success of any web site. The architecture of every web site is crucial in achieving the company's goals. The moment any individual becomes aware of your web site - through search engines, your business card, or word of mouth - your web site begins converting visitors to customers. Therefore, we leverage our expertise on every project to ensure that every web site:

  • ...uncovers customer needs
  • ...delivers interaction with your company that is relevant, easy and fun
  • part of an integrated marketing effort, not just an address on your business cards
  • innovative and interactive so visitors stay around
  • ...volunteers information to deepen and build relationships
  • ...evolving and is able to grow and change with your changing business objectives.

Making the decision to transition your business to the web requires assessing from the" outside in". So whether this is your first move to the web or you are looking to stand out in the tangled World Wide Web, Creative Link Partners, Inc. can assist you in moving ahead.