Tools of the trade

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of both software, hardware and training to provide our customers the best solution for their particular needs.

  • Flash - Dynamic Interactive moving animations.
  • Fireworks - animated gifs.
  • Dreamweaver - Dynamic HTML.

HTML tools

  • Dreamweaver - HTML programming tool for layout and positioning, allows for true HTML programming.
  • Corel Draw - Vector based graphics, will read more file types than any other program.
  • UltraEdit - ASCII Text editor for coding of java script, html, VB script, Active Server pages.


  • Fireworks - Both program for both vector and bitmap image creation
  • Illustrator - High resolution vector graphics.
  • Quark Express - Print media and conversion of media from customers.
Video/Audio presentations
  • Premier - Video to web/cd rom applications.
  • Sound Forge - Compression of sound bites for faster loading.
  • Quick Time Video/Audio presentation for certain browsers.
  • Real Audio Streaming audio video solution tools.
Data Base Connectivity
  • DrumBeat - ASP, JSP rapid development for data base integration.
  • Cold Fusion - Data Base integration, e-commerce solutions.
  • Perl - Cross platform development for both Unix and NT servers.
  • C++ - Fast response cross platform developments.
  • Java - Animation, special effects and verification of data.
  • UltraEdit - ASCII Text editor for coding of Java script, html, VB script, Active Server pages.

Server Software

  • Linux, with Apache, CGI support, SSI support, Perl Scripting, SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 email, FTP, Front Page 2000 server extensions
  • Windows NT 4.0, SSI support, Cold Fusion Server, Mail, ASP, FTP, Front Page 2000 server extensions

Office Software

  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Word Perfect
  • TextBridge OCR software
  • Adobe Acrobat - Used to create PDF files
  • Act Contact management software
  • Microsoft project manager - Project tracking and reporting
  • WinFax Pro Fax on demand
  • We have a large library of software titles and can read and convert any data storage medium, including UNIX, Mac and PC formats.

Graphic Images

  • Large library of Royalty Free graphics licensed for use on clients projects.