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Cosco Fire Protection, Inc.
www.coscofireprotection .com

Our client is the West Coast's largest fire protection specialist. We created an online presence that communicates the company's services and benefits, while also updating the corporate image and positioning Cosco Fire Protection as the industry leader/expert in its key categories of business.

The Flash animated introduction provides consumer with the interactivity, which clearly and dramatically demonstrates the client branding. The site's administrative features simplify communication between the 4 multi-state locations and facilitate site changes from multiple Districts, while maintaining central control.

From the Web site, consumers can submit questions about MIC directly to Cosco Fire Protection's specialist in this specialty. We provided a section link for additional fire code standards and a self-updateable News page that provides our client the ability to provide information about the industry. A mergers and acquisition page was designed to assist in facilitating a continual growth for our client.

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Principle Plastics

Our client has been a leading manufacturer of waterproof footwear and garden wear for over 50 years. We provided them with a complete graphical update and upgraded content functionality. We created a custom content management system to facilitate site changes, to product and pricing information, for example. An online catalog with self-managing features and a custom FTP area facilitates our customer's ability to upload artwork directly to the site to receive development quotes and for ordering purposes. The "I Win" area of the site enables our client to collect valuable marketing data and store it to an interface database for promotional and product development use. Our custom reporting tools were developed to gauge user interest in product

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Studio Moulding Inc.

Our client is one of the largest worldwide designers and distributors of quality mouldings and frames to the Picture Frame Industry. We designed an online web presence that provided the following features:

     • Clear navigation and consistent branding of their moulding        designs and image.
     • A custom content management system facilitates the client's        ability to have an ever-changing display of mouldings.
     • A control panel allows the client to perform multiple tasks such        as:
               • Update the newsroom with upcoming events and/or                  announcements
               • Update the Promotional page with announcements of                  upcoming new products and/or information.
     • A self-updateable job opportunity page enables the client to post        and change job opportunities as they occur throughout the 8        locations scattered across the country.
     • Administrative features have simplified communication among its        multiple locations and among the sales personnel throughout the        country.
     • A password-protected custom wholesale ordering database        system for current vendors to order samples directly from the        web site and the ability for new vendors to register, be approved        and order directly from the web site. Since the site has gone live        this client has experienced activity worldwide and receives        requests weekly for samples and vendor approvals.

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Virtuoso Business Centers

Client has full-back-end, secure, password protected, interface from which they manage the entire site. Flexibility to change out links, banners, mailings. Add/edit/delete advertisers, vendors, clippings, etc. Unique web-based code allows client to collect demographic information on their users. .

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Partners International

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Jax Inc.

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APS Printers

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California Graduate Institute

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LA Studios

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