Eudora Light v3.0

The following instructions cover typical usage of Eudora Light, and assume the software has been installed correctly on your system.

The instructions are only for individuals with a direct Internet connection, by modem or network. If you are behind a firewall or proxy server, the information below may not work. Consult your network administrator for more information.

Setting Up Your E-mail

  1. Open Eudora.
    The Options window will display. If not, click Tools on the menu bar then Options. (See Figure 1)
  2. Scroll to the top of the list.
  3. Select Getting Started. (See Figure 2)
  4. Complete the fields:
    • POP Account - The complete address from which any
      e-mail sent using this profile will display.
    • Real Name - The name from which any e-mail sent using this profile will display.
    • Return Address - The address from which any e-mail sent will display. Example:
    • Connection Method - The connection method depends on your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The standard is Winsock. Contact your ISP if you are unsure.
  5. Click Hosts from the options list. (See Figure 3)
  6. Complete the following fields:
    • POP Account - Should already be filled. If not, see the above description.
    • SMTP - The mail server your e-mail sent using this profile will go through. You may use your ISP's outgoing mail server, or your domain name hosted on our mail server, which will be Your_Domain. For example:
    • Ph - Leave this field blank.
    • Finger - Leave this field blank.
  7. Click OK.

Depending on your Internet connection, you may need to fill in the Dial-Up options on the options list. Contact your ISP for more information.

There are many more options available in Eudora Light. See the software's documentation for more information about advanced options.